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In Deepinsight we work to change the world for the better through mathematics and code. Our most important asset to make that happen is our people - the Deeps

Help us build a place

Where Nerds can Be Happy

Become a Deep?

After operating for several years, the competencies in Deepinsight are top class, and we are building exciting and innovative solutions where data and artificial intelligence are key. From the start we have had a clear goal; to build a place where nerds can be happy.

Deepinsight is continuously growing, and we are always looking for new colleagues with valuable skills and perceptions.

What we value

We care about:

Tackle problems that matter

We are passionate about learning more about how data can be used to solve significant societal challenges.

There are great amounts of data in the health sector today that are not being used. With our knowledge and experience, we can identify opportunities and build solutions that really make a difference, and that improve the health services for everyone.

We care about:

Love to learn

A Deep can be defined as having a great desire to always learn more. We value collaboration, take care of each other and help each other to grow and develop as professionals and people.

In Deepinsight, knowledge is highly valued, and we never turn down a challenge.

We care about:

Happy Deeps

Without our dedicated employees, Deepinsight would not have existed. Together, we have created a safe space where respect, security and innovation are prioritised.

By cultivating each other’s talents and ideas, we build services and solutions that matter.

It's a place where learning is important and

the Company Culture is a Great Match

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