This spring, Deepinsight has welcomed three new Deeps, taking the total up to 23 Deeps! We’re excited about the skills and experiences the new Deeps bring to the company.

Senior Software Engineer Amiran Gorgazjan from Estonia

Amiran Gorgazjan has over 10 years of experience building full stack web development projects. He has a strong belief that the user experience should be at the forefront of any application. He also believes that a great developer experience is the key to success for long term software projects.

“I'm happy to be joining the Deepinsight team! I am looking forward to building amazing tools for clinicians that will allow them to have much better relationships with their patients. I am excited to see where this next adventure will take me!”

In his spare time, Amiran likes to create and write music.

Junior Software Engineer Taras Osyka from Ukraine

Taras has always been interested in software engineering and IT. He began working as a developer in a start-up on an open-source project, and later moved on to work for different consulting companies. He has a strong focus on developing software that give the best user experience, and is always ready to take on new development challenges. Despite his young age of only 19, he already has over 4 years of experience working in the IT industry.

“Before joining Deepinsight, I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t feel confident because of my young age. Despite my concerns, everything has been going really well. I feel like part of the team and I’m very happy to be a Deep.”

Taras likes swimming, playing the piano and drums.

Senior Product Manager Yvonne Svae-Grotli from Norway

Yvonne has been developing digital products for more than 20 years in companies including Schibsted, and NAV (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration). She holds degrees in both Social Anthropology and Information Technology. Yvonne is a huge believer in the power of user-centric product development and cross-functional teamwork for solving societal problems and improving people's lives.

“I’m looking forward to working closely with healthcare professionals in order to understand how the value that lies within data can make their important work easier, and to create solutions for and together with them to meet these concrete needs.”

Yvonne enjoys swimming all year round.

Want to be part of our healthcare data journey?

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