Join Us in Creating the Future of Healthcare

In Deepinsight we work to change the world for the better through mathematics and code. Our most important asset to make that happen is our people - the Deeps

What we value

Tackle problems that matter

We are passionate about solving real societal challenges with mathematics and code - Math for Good. The talented Deeps work together to create a direct impact with on the Norwegian healthcare system. With our knowledge and experience, we can identify opportunities and build solutions that can improve healthcare for everyone.

Continuous learning

A Deep is curious about the unknown and has a great desire to always learn and evolve. We value good cooperation, take care of each other and help each other grow and develop as professionals and people. We want to promote continuous learning, curiosity and openness - we will take your learning to the next level.

A good working environment

Together we have created a safe space where respect, security and innovation is key. We have a flat hierarchy, where everyone's opinions are valued. Deeps like to spend time together, both to share knowledge and social experiences. By cultivating each other's talents and ideas, we build services and solutions that matter. Our ENPS (Employer Net Promoter Score) is double the industry standard, which we are very proud of. Without the dedicated Deeps, Deepinsight would not exist.

Want to become a Deep?

Here are five good reasons to become a Deep:

  • A collaborative work environment where nerds are happy
  • Meaningful work where you can join the effort towards improving the health sector
  • Competitive compensation and offer to be on the owner's side with an option program
  • A flat structure where your opinions and ideas are valued
  • Work with complex and exciting problems in a strong professional environment with a great learning outcome

Read about our employees and their journey in Deepinsight

The best thing about working at Deepinsight is the people. I’ve never worked with a more talented, passionate, and supportive group of individuals.The work environment is incredibly collaborative and supportive. There is a lot of room for growth and opportunity, which is really exciting.

- Amiran, Senior Software Engineer

Deepinsight is a good employer because they truly listen to and care about their employees. As we grow and take on new challenges we are dynamically changing our organization to allow our employees' talents to shine.

- Erica, Head of UX

Do you want to change how the healthcare sector work with data?

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