A work event changed the course of Ivan Dervisevic’s career. He now thrives as a developer at Deepinsight.

A lot can happen on a rainy November evening. For Ivan, it became crucial that he agreed to join a friend at Deeps & Friends - an evening where Deepinsight invites friends, acquaintances and customers for social and professional interaction.

At this point, Ivan was ready for a change. He wanted to get away from a stressful everyday life where a creeping feeling of burnout had manifested itself. Could Deepinsight be the right step forward, he asked himself.

– The meeting with Deepinsight in 2019 turned out to be the right opportunity to make a change in my life. The conversation flowed, the atmosphere was good and I really enjoyed myself. This was a group of people and a professional environment I wanted to be a part of, he says.

Build solutions with the user in focus

Ivan has a bachelor's degree in computer science and a master's degree in machine learning. After working as a data scientist for a few years, he realized that what he is really passionate about is development, DevOps and infrastructure. As a senior software developer in Deepinsight, he gets to work with just that.

– My everyday life consists of developing secure, seamless solutions in the cloud together with great colleagues, where the main focus is on infrastructure and API development. In addition, we developers frequently discuss good development practices and new technologies together. It is an everyday life I enjoy very much.

– As a company, we build exciting products, while taking care of our ethical guidelines along the way. We do not build solutions to be the most disruptive player in the health industry. We build solutions with the user in focus that will actually solve real challenges for the healthcare professionals. Both small and large, he elaborates.

Ivan works on developing new health tools from a coach in the Deepinsight office.
PROFESSIONALLY CHALLENGING: Ivan, and the rest of Deepinsight, are working to find out how their technological skills can improve everyday life in the healthcare industry for both patients and staff. - It is very rewarding, he says.

– People come first

Although the opportunity to build meaningful products and solutions is important, good colleagues and an inclusive work environment are the most important. He found this in Deepinsight, where some of best in machine learning, data processing and development help and learn from each other.

– We have a culture for sharing our work and professional interests with each other. We learn a lot from this, at the same time as everyone knows what goals and ambitions we have for ourselves, and as a supplier of new tools for the health industry.

– There is room for most types of people in Deepinsight. We are a growing company, but it’s clear that people still come first. Growth is not done at the expense of the work environment, and we all work to preserve the culture and the environment.

The work environment and the people are the main reasons why Ivan chose Deepinsight.

– I’m lucky to work with great people who are really passionate about their profession.

A safe work environment at Deepinsight

Ivan believes that there is one important thing that sets Deepinsight apart from other startups:

– Toxic startup environments can quickly develop, where everyone "must" like each other and where it’s expected that you give everything, always. Both socially and professionally.

But that's not the case at Deepinsight.

– It’s a safe environment where the management encourages us to be ourselves, and where our needs are taken care of. Both personal and professional.

Ivan Dervisevic and a colleague code from laptops in the hammocks at the Deepinsight office.
SAFE: Ivan describes Deepinsight as a safe and accepting workplace where everyone can be themselves.

– It’s easy to participate in the socials, but it’s just as easy not to participate. We’re a close-knit group that often gathers after work to eat, play or just hang out. But it’s always okay not to participate.

– During the worst COVID restrictions, we often met digitally or went for walks, he adds.

Helping each other succeed at work

– As a developer, I’m often very good in the start-up phases. Brainstorming and problem solving are exciting, but the challenge comes when I have worked on the same project for a long time. Then the colleagues in Deepinsight are good to have. We are always there for each other when someone is stuck in a problem, and we are good at asking for help from each other.

Ivan also gets inspiration from his dog Daisy when he needs a break from a problem. Daisy is almost a permanent employee of Deepinsight, and often stays with her dad at work.

– It's good to know that Daisy is welcome in the office. It makes my everyday life both easier and more enjoyable.

Close-up of Daisy the dog at the Deepinsight office.
CHIEF HAPPINESS OFFICER: Daisy works hard on spreading joy in the office, the rest of Deepinsight can report.

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