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For leaders of surgical clinics

Leaders within the surgical clinic have vast amounts of data available, but it is often difficult to compile and use to interpret how surgical operations can be improved. This leads to low utilization of operating theatres, a high cancellation rate, long waiting lists, and an imbalance in the management of emergency and planned surgeries.

Understand the effects of surgical plans

Deepinsight Clue addresses issues related to overall management and capacity planning by gathering, compiling, and analysing historical data from various sources such as DIPS and GAT. This provides management with a quick overview of central operational information and insights into how the hospital can better manage its operating theatres than what is currently being done. This enables them to receive valuable decision support in overarching planning processes.

Deepinsight Clue provides users with predictability by understanding the effects of the plans being made. This includes the expected development of waiting lists, the workload on nearby functions such as postoperative and ward units, as well as insights into key metrics like expected room utilisation, activity levels, and overtime. This proactive approach helps the hospital stay ahead of issues that often arise in operational activities. The goal of Deepinsight Clue is to provide valuable decision support when the hospital lays out the overarching surgical program – a so-called tactical plan – aimed at achieving high activity levels, high room utilisation, and low cancellation rates.

Benefits of the solution

Increased activity and better utilisation of operating rooms

By using analyses of historical data, we make it easier to identify which combinations of surgeries, known as sessions, have historically resulted in the best utilisation and activity. We can then use this information to set up overarching plans that we know will yield beneficial metrics – thereby understanding expected room utilisation, activity, and the risk of overtime.

Reduced cancellation rates

Disruption of the elective program due to emergency surgeries is a common reason for cancellations. By analysing historical data, we understand how much time should be allocated for different urgency levels: emergency, semi-emergency, and elective.

Full overview of key figures related to operational activities

It's not uncommon for hospital management to be unaware of where there is room for improvement. On the contrary, we have rarely observed hospitals having a quantitative understanding of their own operations - and having figures on which operating rooms are performing well and which are performing poorly. Objective, quantitative insight into where there is room for value creation gives the hospital insight into where they should begin to apply tactical planning first.

Increased predictability and insight that everyone can agree on

Deepinsight Clue provides full insight into the key figures the hospital expects to operate within a given surgical program, such as expected total room time, risk of overtime in various rooms, and expected number of patients in postoperative care at various times. This provides a good objective basis for consensus with various stakeholders across the organisation on what is possible and not possible. Additionally, long-term planning provides predictability for various types of staff involved in the execution of operations.

Privacy and security

We prioritise security and privacy, and our software has a robust foundation you can trust. Deepinsight creates solutions specifically tailored to the healthcare sector, and therefore, we have a range of measures in place to ensure that we can handle sensitive information safely by laws and standards.

We always have the user in focus when we develop new tools for the health sector, and do thorough research to ensure that we solve actual problems - not just what we think is a problem.

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Collaboration with DIPS

We have e-health and technology company Kernel on our owner's side. Kernel also owns DIPS, the largest supplier of e-health in Norway. This leads to a close and unique collaboration between Deepinsight and DIPS. We can easily retrieve and utilise data from DIPS's systems on behalf of our customers.

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