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There are vast amounts of health data, but today little to none of it is used for simplifying the work tasks of healthcare professionals. The challenges of utilising the data are related to a large degree of complexity and data being distributed across countless systems.

How We Create Value From Data

Deepinsight develops tools that extract data from the electronic health record (EHR) and other systems, analyse the data, and provide the results to clinicians and the administration. The healthcare professionals gain important insights about patients and events, which help to answer questions such as whether the patient is responding as expected to the treatment, or how we can do surgery planning in a way that limits cancellations to a bare minimum. These data-driven health services will help provide better patient treatment and more efficient use of resources in the hospitals.

Clinical Intelligence

Structuring and consolidating data for clinicians and department heads, in order for them to quickly and easily get an overview of their own operations and practice in patient care.

  • Insight into the course of treatment

    Facilitates for better patient follow-up and treatment by making it easier to monitor and adapt different courses of treatment.

  • Better utilisation of resources

    Analyse and see the differences in the effects of different treatments over time, thereby identifying opportunities for improvement.

Patient Flow and Capacity Planning

Using data to provide health personnel with tools for more predictable and clear patient flow and surgery plans in hospitals.

  • Smarter planning

    Provides more predictability and fewer surprises in the surgery plan, and a clear overview of the patients pathway.

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