DIPS is Norway’s leading supplier of eHealth to Norwegian hospitals, and has great amounts of data and knowledge. Deepinsight is the technology company that is transforming this data into useful products and services. Now, the two companies will be working together in order to streamline and improve patient care.

– We see great opportunities with unutilised data in healthcare. DIPS is an essential partner that provides us with a greater understanding of health data so that we can develop services and products based on machine learning and artificial intelligence, explains Olav Willumsen Haugå, CEO at Deepinsight.

Data-driven solutions will make the health sector more efficient, increase accuracy and improve patient care at every level. In the long run, the solutions developed by Deepinsight and DIPS could save lives and significantly decrease costs in the healthcare sector.

– The collaboration between Deepinsight and ourselves is built on a joint mission of creating data-driven products that will benefit the population. That has set the standard for the collaboration, says Thomas Smedsrud, Medical Director in DIPS.

Olav Haugå, Thomas Smedsrud and Håvard Thøgersen look towards the camera with the Deepinsight office in the background.
IMPROVING HEALTHCARE: CEO in Deepinsight, Olav Haugå (left), and COO, Håvard Thøgersen (right) are looking forward to work with DIPS and Medical Director, Thomas Smedsrud.

Connecting Technology to Societal Needs

DIPS and Deepinsight both have the accelerator and technology company Kernel on the ownerside. Kernel works to create faster development of solutions within eHealth, and facilitates collaborations across technologies, domain knowledge and data collection by investing in companies with the potential to help bring the health sector into the future.

– Kernel shares our ambition of connecting technology with the needs of society, says Haugå at Deepinsight.

CEO, Olav, writes on awhiteboard while colleges look.
OPEN DOORS: As part of Kernel, Deepinsight and DIPS achieve more than they would have on their own.

Kernel’s model facilitates for all the companies in the group to function on their own, while at the same time benefit from each other’s knowledge and skills. Deepinsight therefore works independently on several projects, but contacts Kernel or DIPS when the need arises.

– DIPS and Kernel give us unique knowledge and seriousness which simplify our work with building the health care services of tomorrow. With more than 30 years of experience within health and eHealth, DIPS is a long-term partner that understands what it takes to succeed, explains Håvard Thøgersen, Chief Operating Officer at Deepinsight.

One example of a time when we have greatly benefited from the experience and knowledge of DIPS is when working on the start dose project at Diakonhjemmet. There, we are building a tool which is looking at the effect of a drug in combination with the patient’s genetic data and medical history. The goal of the project is to give physicians the tools needed in order to find the correct dose and drug from the first consultation.

– DIPS want to give more than we get back in this partnership. Our goal is to create solutions that other actors easily can integrate against, says Smedsrud and adds:

– Deepinsight comes with a specialised data background and has knowledge of interesting fields. I can tell that the developers in DIPS and Deepinsight are inspired by each other’s knowledge.

Data-driven technology has great benefits

What will be essential going forward, in order to build solutions which streamline and improve the healthcare sector, is that the decision makers invest in the collection and systematization of data in a secure manner.

– There is an unused potential in the use of data-driven solutions in the healthcare sector. Why should we not be able to categorise kidney patients in the same way as online banking categorises our spending habits, asks Smedsrud.

Deepinsight employees work together around a table
WANT TO SIMPLIFY: To build a data-driven application for use in hospitals should be possible to carry out in a simpler way than today, believe DIPS and Deepinsight.

A common barriere for the development of data-driven solutions is that the needs further down in organisations are not transferred to the people responsible for investments.

– Important health data is located in DIPS’ systems in Norwegian hospitals. Now we need to use this data in practice, explains Haugå.

– By working together with experts, we make sure that we can utilise the data knowledge we possess in a safe manner. By having Deepinsight on the team, a lot of exciting things will happen within eHealth in the future, concludes Smedsrud.

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