In the beginning of February, we moved into new premises at Rådhusgata 25. We now have a central location with a fantastic view of Akershus Fortress and Aker Brygge.

View from the office
Amazing view of the Oslofjord

We have had the office space adapted to our wants and needs, and are very happy with the result! The office is divided into zones, and has several meeting rooms and support rooms, which are of course named after famous mathematicians such as Gauss, Lovelace and Abel 🤓

We also have an area that we call Deep Hygge, where we have had a bench solution built under the large windows so that we can sit and enjoy the great view or gather for a chess match.

De ansatte ser på to som spiller sjakk
Olav and Arvind are having a chess match in the Deep Hygge corner
To som spiller bordtennis
An old office dream has come true. We finally have our own ping pong table!

Focus on sustainability

Our new office is considerably larger than the former, which means we have had to acquire a good deal of furniture.

As a Miljøfyrtårn company, we are concerned with making environmentally friendly purchases. Most of our new furniture consists of second hand items bought from FlytteEksperten - who, in addition to being a moving agency, also resells used office furniture.

In addition, we have used M&E Second Hand for purchasing various interior items and small furniture. By first checking options for buying used, we have saved both money and the environment. Win-win for both us and the environment♻️☘️

To Deepinsight ansatte som har kjøpt gjennbruksmøbler
Bahar and Erica show off some of our thrift store finds from M&E Second Hand

Most of our used finds have been in the same condition as if they had been bought new. Finds from M&E in particular have also given the office a nice characteristic that comes from mix and match, and which suits our relaxed style.

Feel free to visit

Now that we have settled into our new office, we are ready to nerd out and continue to build good solutions for the healthcare sector with the help of mathematics and AI.

Are you interested in hearing more about how AI can help provide a better healthcare sector? Then you should contact us -, and we will invite you over for a chat and a cup of coffee in our new premises.

Ansatte i et møterom
Arvind, Hanna and Erica have gathered in the meeting room Abel to work with health data
Deep Hygge by night