May 20th, Deepinsight AS passed the Eco-lighthouse certification process! In doing so, Deepinsight wishes to focus on our social responsibility and work long-term towards being a sustainable and environmentally friendly business.

- The Eco-lighthouse process has been educational, inspiring and has provided us with a framework for our further work within climate and environment, says Deepinsight’s Eco-lighthouse Responsible Karoline Fauskanger Andersen.

Photo: Ivar Hukkelberg

Deepinsight's Office & ESG Coordinator Karoline Fauskanger Andersen and Director of Customer Success & Marketing Ivar Hukkelberg.

What is the Eco-lighthouse?

The Eco-lighthouse is a national environmental certification scheme which provides us with great tools to work with sustainability in areas such as the work environment, waste management, energy use, procurement and transportation. We receive guidance on how to work holistically, systematically and long-term with efforts that will improve our environmental performance, reduce emissions and contribute towards a green future. Becoming certified means committing to work towards continuous improvements, thus, this is only the beginning of Deepinsight long-term work within sustainability, the external environment and the work environment.

- People might not be aware that the Eco-lighthouse also sets requirements on health and safety. In the growth phase Deepinsight is in, this process has helped us professionalise and integrate our HSE work in our operations, says Ivar Hukkelberg.

Going forward, Deepinsight will:

  • Follow up on our annual action plan on environmental and HSE work.
  • The Environmental Group will meet up regularly to evaluate different efforts and routines
  • Annual evaluation of goals, risk evaluation and climate and environment reports

We will also encourage others to become Eco-lighthouse certified. Read more about the Eco-lighthouse and how to become certified here:

Find Deepinsight’s annual Climate and Environment report here: