– By using a Norwegian cloud provider with data servers in Norway, we ensure compliance with legislation, regulations and GDPR, says Martin Holtet, Chief Technology Officer at Deepinsight.

– We simply avoid all gray areas by using a Norwegian cloud provider, Holtet continues.

Our most sensitive data is stored in the health sector. By having Norwegian Basefarm as the cloud supplier, secure progress is ensured at all stages. It is both an advantage for the developers in Deepinsight and for the health sector in Norway who can trust that important personal and operational data will not go astray.

CTO Martin Holtet is concentrated in a meeting at the Deepinsight office.
SAFE: CTO Martin feels confident that Deepinsight can deliver secure solutions to the health sector using a Norwegian cloud supplier.

New ruling has major consequences

Legislation regarding data security can in some cases be interpreted differently. That became clear in 2020 with the widely discussed, Schrems II judgment, which states that a party must have a stricter basis for transfer to countries outside the EU / EEA in order to ensure privacy in a satisfactory way.

In the Schrems II judgment, the European Court of Justice ruled, among other things, that the transfer of data to the United States is illegal on the basis of their extensive surveillance laws. An example is that the laws give US intelligence requirements for access to personal information from US companies.

– The Schrems II ruling has had major consequences for the use of cloud services, and several users of American cloud providers are therefore looking for new ways to organize their IT infrastructure. In addition, the ruling has put major cloud projects on hold. An example is the Health Analysis Platform (HAP), which intends to move health data into the cloud, Holtet explains.

– In addition to Basefarm’s expertise, experience and competence, the fact that they are located in Norway was a very important reason why we chose them as our cloud provider. Especially in light of the Schrems II ruling, he continues.

A hand points at a screen with code.
SECURES DATA: Deepinsight uses a Norwegian, ISO-certified cloud provider that secures health data both legally and against threats and theft.

Basefarm secures, Deepinsight develops and operates

– In the health sector, it’s especially important that the data stays in the country. There’s a lot of sensitive information and that must be taken seriously, says Holtet.

– The cloud allows us to develop and put streamlining health tools into operation quickly and safely, without spending precious time on infrastructure development and scaling, he adds.

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Although American cloud providers such as Microsoft and AWS are better-known, the Norwegian cloud provides equally strong prerequisites for building solutions that modernize and improve healthcare operations and patient care.

The cloud services are developed and operated on the Kubernetes (K8s) technology platform, an open source system for automating cloud distribution, scaling and operation.

– The applications and codes that run on the Kubernetes platform are always available on two different data centers and can easily be scaled up and down immediately in line with the needs of the healthcare institutions, says Holtet.

The choice of an experienced, ISO certified cloud provider ensures that the platform is well secured against theft and other information security threats. Solutions can also be offered with high uptime, as all systems are redundant.

It is important to point out that the cloud provider does not have access to Deepinsight’s data on the platform. There are very strict routines and procedures for access, in addition to sensitive data being encrypted.

– The expertise of the cloud provider is in providing secure infrastructure with sufficient computing power at all times. Our expertise is in developing software. The health sector can therefore be confident that their operations are safe, and can rather spend their time on offering good patient care, Holtet explains.

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