We are ready to take Deepinsight to new heights in 2024, and with us on the team we have gained seven new Deeps! All eager to contribute positively to creating a more sustainable healthcare system.

Anders Hansson Geitle, Product Manager

As a Product Manager at Deepinsight, Anders will create valuable user experiences that solve the most important needs of the hospitals we work with. Anders studied Industrial Economics at NTNU in Trondheim, specialising in data and optimisation, and has several years' experience from McKinsey and most recently from Ignite as Product Manager.

Anders was attracted by Deepinsight's social mission and the opportunity to influence the healthcare system both nationally and internationally. "The opportunity to enter both the company and product phases early, where you have managed to find a problem worth solving, is very exciting," says Anders.

In his spare time, Anders likes to do everything from puzzles to cycling and skiing.

Kristoffer Pedersen, Software Engineer

Kristoffer will work with frontend development focusing on implementing a great user interface for Deepinsight's users. He has a bachelor's degree in Informatics from NTNU, and 3 years' experience in NEP with the development of a MAM application and a design system.

"Deepinsight has a lot of exciting things going on that can truly make a difference for both healthcare personnel and patients. I want to be a part of that. In addition, the team is incredibly talented and nice."

Kristoffer likes to go for walks with his dog Bianca in the woods.

Marthe Trygg Kobro, Senior Product Designer

Marthe concentrates on creating solutions together with the users that meet their needs. She also thrives on detailing information and functionality, so that it is prioritised and accessible. With a master's in industrial design from NTNU and over ten years of experience from Posten, Itera and Behalf, she has solid experience as an interaction designer.

"How good, technological solutions can contribute to better health and care has always been something I particularly enjoy working with. I am also concerned with how you think about and work with product development, and at Deepinsight they have the same focus with, among other things, agile, autonomous teams."

Marthe is fond of nature, and loves to hike.

Rebekka Ågesdatter Heggebø, Product Designer

As a Product Designer in Deepinsight, Rebekka will create user-friendly solutions that present data in a way that gives insight into what hospitals can and should do to have a more efficient everyday working life. Rebekka has a master's degree in interaction design from UiO, and has previously worked as a consultant for, among others, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the Norwegian Tax Administration.

"Five ankle operations in six months made me realise that the health sector has many challenges. When the fourth operation was postponed, I thought that 'this MUST be solved in a better way.' Deepinsight's goal of using data as a basis for smarter planning, which in turn leads to fewer cancelled operations, higher efficiency and better patient care, is therefore well suited !”

Rebekka likes to explore the world, and has so far visited 43 countries!

Henriette Vevstad, Business Developer

Henriette will work with Deepinsight's strategy and business development. She will work closely with potential customers and partners, understand the market dynamics in other countries and map opportunities for future growth in Norway and internationally. Henriette has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Esade Business School and an internship at the Danish medtech company, 3Shape. She has experience at Clarksons Securities as a share/bond analyst and Vika Project Finance with property syndication.

"In Deepinsight, I get to help build an innovative company that aims to make a positive difference in the healthcare system."

In her spare time, Henriette likes to play tennis.

Mikal Erga, Customer Success Manager

Mikal will help the customer extract value and achieve their goals. He will do this through onboarding, training and education, as well as by following up on customer relations and ensuring a proactive approach and mutual dialogue. Mikal is a qualified teacher, with over 10 years' experience from the Oslo school, and can draw parallels to the role of Customer Success Manager.

He has also worked with football for several years, both at age-specific level as a coach, and at A-team level as a talent scout. In 2021, Mikal started a Master of Management at BI, at the same time as he made a career change, from the teaching profession to Customer Success Manager in the Ed-tech company IST.

"Deepinsight has an interesting and exciting profile, both in terms of vision, the people who work here and the space we work within. It's inspiring to know that we are working for a better healthcare system, where we have the opportunity to make a difference both for users and decision-makers."

In his spare time, you can often find Mikal in icy water.

Linn Kjærland, Product Marketing Manager

As Product Marketing Manager, Linn will build the brand and position of Deepinsight and our products in the healthcare sector. Linn has a master's degree in Strategic Marketing Management from BI and over five years experience from Visma, where she worked with branding, commercial strategy and PR for several software products.

"Deepinsight's mission triggered me, with a short path to influence and the opportunity to make an important difference in the health sector. Becoming part of a nice group with remarkable commitment is very motivating!"

Linn enjoys both skiing and rock climbing.

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