By applying various modeling techniques to retail data sources, we can create better shopping experiences and engage customers on a more personalized level than before. The retail supply chain is ripe for advanced analytics and data science - by predicting demand at different granularity levels, as well as understanding how to influence demand, inventory levels can be optimized to boost sales and how to lower working capital.

The shopping experience of tomorrow, today.


In partnership with our clients, we are successfully working on problems that address problem areas throughout their value chain:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Price optimization
  • Allocation and inventory management
  • Recommendation Engines

Deepinsight’s ultimate goal within the retail industry is to contribute to minimizing waste, and to help businesses in Scandinavia to be more sustainable, more cost effective and future resilient.

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Predicting demand in retail

with data science

What products will consumers want and what is the right price for these products?  How do you price a product to make it more appealing and attract the customer to make a purchase? As a retailer, the correct pricing of products in the market lifecycle can make or break revenue. We have worked with a major Scandinavian retailer on modelling demand and price sensitivity, delivered as a price optimization system.

Demand forecasting and product pricing
Read about our work with one of Scandinavia's largest retailer.