The newest addition to the Deepinsight team is our Customer Success Manager, Ivar Hukkelberg!

Ivar joined us on his birthday March 23, right after COVID-19 turned the business life in Norway on its head, making Ivar’s first weeks in Deepinsight nothing like expected. Despite challenging conditions for the company, Ivar has managed to adapt to the situation and worked together with the other Deeps to generate new opportunities for the company. This has led to new exciting areas for Deepinsight to explore. The company’s situation is gradually, but steadily, improving, and Ivar is a great contributor in getting the company back on track.

We're very happy to have you onboard!

About Ivar

Ivar holds a M.Sc in Industrial Economics from NTNU. He spent 2 years as a consultant at Accenture, and 1,5 years as a PhD candidate at the University of Oslo, researching data science from an organizational perspective. He left his PhD in order to join Deepinsight. Ivar has a great passion for clear communication and strategic thinking in order to solve complex problems.