ReMin was born out of a need for doctors to be able to track COVID-19 in a more efficient way. The founders of ReMin saw a way to make virus tracking easier and with reliable information that municipalities and the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) can act on. ReMin has received a lot of media coverage lately, and is a system that can be used in any country in need of a better and more secure way of tracking the coronavirus.

From idea to onboarding customers in 9 weeks

As the health tech sphere is highly regulated, good partnerships and a setup that ensures compliance with legal regulations, as well as subject matter experts within the team, have been essential to move quickly. The team consists of a multi-disciplinary team of 12; medical expertise, business management, user experience, and software engineers, motivated to help fight COVID-19.

The prototype was built within three weeks of the idea’s inception, three weeks later the first pilot customer was on board and the solution launched in early May. Although still in a minimum viable product (MVP) stage, the team has built in security and privacy from the very beginning and not as an afterthought to fulfill compliance requirements. ReMin is already approved by Norsk Helsenett (NHN).

Deepinsight is proud to be part of the ReMin team

We are happy to announce that we are now shareholders in ReMin! Even if only four of us are hands-on, we all feel very grateful for being able to contribute to health tech solutions to fight COVID-19. Our API toolkit helped us get up to speed quickly as it handles the necessary integrations towards The District Health Information Software (DHIS) and other systems. We have software security, privacy, and GDPR expertise and are proud to prove that running fast doesn’t mean having to let go of security and privacy by design.

Meet our deeps currently working on ReMin. They are all working on the backend parts of the system.

software engineer, tech lead
Håkon Lorentzen, Tech lead

Håkon is the team tech lead and works on the system architecture, solution design as well as overall software development and infrastructure.

software engineer, devops
Linn Hege Molberg Bade, Software Engineer

Linn Hege works mainly with API design, API software development, and integrations. She is also the team’s GDPR and privacy expert.

software engineering data scientist
Jeroen Bos, Software Engineer

Jeroen is primarily working on the security aspects of ReMin; authentication and authorization of our users as well as backend integrations with 3rd party systems.

data scientist
Arvind Chawla, Data Scientist and Software Engineer

Arvind is working with implementing, documenting, and testing CRUD-operations for the ReMin backend API, mainly through integrating with the DHIS2 web API.

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