Linn Hege joined Deepinsight in September 2019, after three years in Telia’s Division X where she worked as Tech Lead for the Privacy team. Her expertise and love for software development lie in cloud infrastructure, backend and API development.

Software engineers are in high demand, and you had other offers on the table before joining us. What made you choose Deepinsight?
- I chose Deepinsight because I knew that I would learn something new - I would get the chance to embark on a new area that I hadn’t worked in before. I’ve worked in software engineering for many years, but I didn’t know much about machine learning and data science. That was exciting. I also saw a company culture that I liked. After many years in large corporations, I felt that it was time to work somewhere smaller, a place where I could have a say in how the company would develop.

Can you share a bit about your background?
- Well, I’ve worked as a Software Engineer for ten years now. I have a bachelor's degree in Visual Communications, so I learned how to code on my own and fell in love with programming. In the beginning, I thought I wanted to work as a front-end developer, because that fit well with my degree in Visual Communications. But I found myself going further and further back in the stack, and now I really enjoy cloud infrastructure, APIs and backend development. I also like working on system and software architecture, designing good solutions that don’t overcomplicate the problem.

Tell us, what makes you happy?
I love making things, whether it’s code, needlework or cooking. I thrive when I can learn new things and my focus now is to learn more about data engineering.

What about Deepinsight?
What I like the most about Deepinsight is the people. They’re really skilled and professional, and they know what they’re doing. I like working with people who know more than me - that makes a great learning environment. Not only are they skilled, but they are also great people. We really see each other, take care of one another and we have a lot of fun together.