Building a Future for Modern Healthcare

Today, there is tremendous amount of data in healthcare, but little of it to none is used to improve the day-to-day work of healthcare professionals. High complexity and data spread across many systems make this hard. Enter Deepinsight. We are on a mission to make access to healthcare data quicker and easier, in a compliant way. This will pave the way for new innovation and technology within the healthcare industry.

How We Capture Value in Data

We have built our company on expertise in extracting value from data and use it to build and deploy AI and machine learning solutions. We now bring this knowledge into healthcare, by building the foundation of a modern healthcare data platform. These are some areas we are currently working on.

Clinical Intelligence

Structuring and consolidating data for clinicians, to make it fast and easy to use data in research and for innovation.

  • Generating Structured Datasets

    Assisted generation of structured datasets of patient populations from journal systems.

  • Quick Access

    Easy and fast consolidation of datasets.

AI & Advanced Analytics

We build and deploy AI and advanced analytics solutions in collaboration with healthcare providers for better and more precise healthcare services. Such as personalised medicine.

  • AI and Machine Learning

    We extract, process and serve high quality data that make it possible to build deployable AI og machine learning product together with healthcare providers.

  • Precision Medicine

    Apply AI and analytics to predict correct dosage based on patient data. Improving the effect of the medicine and limit patient's side effects.

Hospital Operations

Use data to give hospitals better tools for more efficient and better decision-making process in their day-to-day work.

  • Fast Decision Making

    Use real-time data to see the current situation and make fast and accurate decisions.

  • Explore, Learn and Share

    Use visualised data to explore, learn and share with your colleagues about day-to-day operations. Building better knowledge across the organisation.


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