Deepinsight attended the EHiN conference, where actors in technology, health and politics met in order to discuss the future of healthcare.

– EHiN is a unique arena where we are able to share our knowledge and ideas with important decision-makers and others contributing to a more efficient and personalised healthcare sector, explains Ivar Hukkelberg, Director of Customer Success & Marketing at Deepinsight.

Deepinsight had six employees attending EHiN, as well as having our own stand and holding a presentation on the start dose project in collaboration with Diakonhjemmet.

Chief Data Scientist, Severin Sjømark, standing on the stage and presenting startdose-project with a representative from Diakonhjemmet.
PRESENTED THE START DOSE PROJECT: Severin Sjømark (right) is the Chief Data Scientist at Deepinsight, and presented the start dose project on precision medicine with Diakonhjemmet.

Read what Olav, Håvard, Jeroen and Ivar from Deepinsight learned at EHiN, and what they will bring with them in the work of streamlining and improving today’s healthcare services.

Olav: – We must increase the regulatory knowledge

– It was apparent at EHiN that health data is something a lot of people talk about, and that artificial intelligence slowly, but steadily, is finally reaching the healthcare sector.

– I appreciated the many good discussions I had with people who really want to make a difference with technology. At the conference, I also learned that there’s still a significant lack of knowledge on the regulatory landscape around the use of data. The key to start using the cloud and other modern technology is most likely to increase the knowledge on this area.

– That also includes the people in Deepinsight! We should be the experts.

Portrait photo of CEO and founder of Deepinsight, Olav Willumsen Haugå.
WANTS TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE: Olav Willumsen Haugå is the founder and CEO of Deepinsight. At EHiN, he noticed how important it is to build knowledge on the regulatory frameworks around the use of health data.

A big hall with many participants watching a presentation at EHiN.
STARTING THE DIALOGUE: The goal of EHiN is to facilitate important conversations on how technology can be used in order to improve the healthcare sector in a safe and secure manner.

Håvard: – We must build the right competence

– The use of health data is about to take off, but there are some criteria that need to be fulfilled for it to succeed. Among other things, it must be cheap enough that gaining access to research on health data is not restricted to well-funded organisation or corporation. We also need to expand the logging of data, and we must not forget about data located in health registries. For example data on medication and lab results.

– A lot of people are talking about health data, but there are few who actually do something or who build the necessary competencies. Here, Deepinsight can take on a significant role. We can automatise the extraction and processing of data and reduce the cost of data treatment. We can also contribute by extracting more data from the hospitals’ core systems and transfer it into registries.

– We are on the path of becoming a world class private company with profound expertise and understanding of the healthcare sector.

Portrait photo of COO in Deepinsight, Håvard Thøgersen.
THE RIGHT COMPETENCE: Håvard Thøgersen is the Chief Operations Officer at Deepinsight, and believes that Deepinsight is on the right track for becoming an important contributor in creating a more data-driven healthcare sector.

Jeroen: – Direct contact with healthcare professionals is essential

– My most important gain from EHiN is a greater network, both externally and internally within our sister companies. The new contacts will make it easier to get in touch with the right person directly and thereby help speed up our work with improving the healthcare sector.

– The opportunity to talk with healthcare professionals directly gave me a better understanding of the challenges they face. We also learned more and got to see demos of the tools they use today. Hopefully we can improve their everyday life by providing better tools in the future.

Software engineer Jeroen Bos in a meeting
NEW CONTACTS: Jeroen Bos is a software engineer at Deepinsight and gained several useful contacts and a better understanding of the challenges in the healthcare sector, at EHiN.

Ivar – Knowledge about the privacy legislation is moving in the right direction

– At this year’s EHiN conference, there was a focus and clear willingness to utilise health data in order to develop better solutions. AI technology was also a topic that received a lot of attention.

– When we talk about these solutions, it’s important not to forget about the patients and the hospital employees. They are the ones we will be developing solutions for and aim to improve the daily life of. It’s not necessarily about a new gadget or a new system, but rather about simplifying existing work processes and getting rid of elements of frustration. Deepinsight shall achieve that through user-driven development and design from start to finish.

– It also became clear at EHiN that the understanding and knowledge of the laws and privacy legislation is moving in the right direction, but that there’s still a way to go. I view this as one of the bigger challenges making availability of data and cloud technology take longer in the healthcare sector than in other industries.

Portrait photo of Director of Customer Success and Marketing in Deepinsight, Ivar Hukkelberg.
WE NEED TO REMEMBER WHO WE’RE DEVELOPING FOR: Director of Customer Success & Marketing, Ivar Hukkelberg, is looking forward to simplifying everyday life for patients and hospital employees with user-driven development and design.

– The people we met at EHiN were both skilled and passionate about improving the Norwegian healthcare industry. It was definitely worth the trip, concludes Hukkelberg.

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